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Bar Pricing Schedule

 Let us create a signature drink for you!  

Your bar options fall into three categories. Many Of our clients opt to combine these serv ices.

Open Bar ~ The event’s host is charged per Guest, per hour. The costs are known when the final guest count is known.

Consumption Bar ~ The event’s host is presented with a consumed beverages total at the conclusion of the event.

Cash Bar ~ Guests purchase their beverages from the bar staff on a per drink basis.

FixedCosts A $100permit fee is assessed for all off premise alcohol service. There is a $25 per bartender fee per hour (minimum 3 hrs.). All stated prices are prior to the addition of gratuity and sales tax.

Glassware Somevenues provide glassware. If not, or additional glassware is necessary, it is considered a rental item at .50 per piece.

Champagne Champagne: 2.50 per guest      Champagne Glasses (1 per guest @ .75)

Prices shown for each level are the first hour prices followed by the price for each additional hour. For example, Call level is billed at 9.50 per person for the first hour and 5.25 per person for each subsequent hour.

Well Level

Call Level

Premium Level




Domestic Bottled Beer

Domestic & Imported Bottled Beer

Domestic, Imported & Premium

Bottled Beer

Tier I Wines

Tier II Wines

Tier III Wines


Absolut Vodka

Grey Goose Vodka



Bombay Sapphire



Johnnie Walker Red


Jack Daniels

Southern Comfort


Jim Beam

Maker's Mark

 The product examples shown are only a brief listing of what will be served.